„glimmen“ (KRYPT III) – 3D Animation Shortfilm (2019)

„glimmen“ (KRYPT III) is a 20 minutes 3D Animation Shortfilm.

in „glimmen“ protagonist FRAME is enabled to escape from a self-destructive industrial dystopia in order to approach his senses, empathy, self-knowledge and own strength again after this stupid and faceless phase of his existence and to perceive the outside world, freedom, dreams and joy in general. During this odyssey he is regressively brought back to his evolutionary origin – and thus to a new beginning of himself, in whatever shape, form and environment it will be. FRAME is accompanied by two godlike superordinate voices who support him as „escape helpers“. A circle in circles closes and circles on… – a little story about independence and against oppression.

„glimmen“ (KRYPT III) is supported and sponsored by…

Kulturstiftung Sachsen / Stadt Dresden / Sparkasse Ostsachsen / Maxon / Acer / Lumalenscape / Marvelous Designer / Jawset / Next Limit / Allegorithmic / RD-Textures / Mediachance

…and crowdfunded by…

Jens Bank / Axel Bierwolf / Hans Castrup / Denisa Dyrsmidova / Anne Gaschütz / Constanze John / Katrin Küchler / KF Animation / Anja Mai / Major Label / Wolfgang Müller / Lars Oertel / Oliver Petz / Peter Prautzsch / Stefan Rosenkranz / Rayko Schmidt / Tanja Schnurpfeil / David Schlatter / Mara Tschernich / Whitebox / Matthias Wilksch